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in2HR are recruitment specialists and in consultation with you we can help with the hiring process by reducing the legwork; allowing you to focus on running your business. We design and implement the following:

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  • Recruitment Plan ‐ Determining the business needs for the position and obtaining a comprehensive brief on your requirements and expectations of the position.

  • Position Description ‐ In consultation with you, we will assist you in designing a position description that captures all your expectations of the job available.

  • Attracting talent – We provide advertising means that will maximize your budget and design an advertising campaign for the position. This includes head hunting people who are not actively looking for roles and would not be captured via a job advert.

  • Screening – We will manage all the candidates for you and conduct a comprehensive screening process.

  • Shortlisting – If you’re interviewing several candidates, we aren’t doing our jobs properly. We will put together a shortlist of candidates who we believe possess the right ‘talent’ and are the right ‘fit’ for your business.

  • Background checks – We will carry out verbal references, credit checks and criminal history checks on the candidates.

  • Unsuccessful candidates – we will have those hard conversations with unsuccessful candidates by providing them with constructive feedback that protects your brand and image.

  • Offer of employment – We will be able to assist you with putting together the right documentations for your successful candidate to ensure that you are compliant with NZ legislation.

  • On boarding – In consultation with you, we will be able to design an induction program that helps you to stay on top of your 90 day process.

  • New starter management – Now that the person starts, we don’t just place and leave. We will help you stay on track with management of the new starter by setting up key dates and milestones for your new employee.

We offer fix rate recruitment packages to percentage based packages.

Hiring Not Your Forte? Let Us Help.