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HR for Franchising


We help safeguard franchise systems by bringing best HR practices into franchisee businesses.

in2HR is an HR consultancy which specialises in supporting business owners in the franchising environment. We are a cost-effective HR consultancy that supports both franchisees and franchisors by bringing best HR practices into franchise systems.  

We recommend franchises have the following in place:


HR Training

in2HR's Employ with Confidence Program provides franchisees with the confidence and the tools to navigate their way through employment situations, as well as ensuring that they understand their employer obligations and rights, so that they can stay on the right side of the law.


HR Support

We understand that people related issues can arise anytime. Therefore, when they do arise, it is better to get them resolved correctly from the start, to prevent the detrimental effects that can happen if the wrong process is carried out. in2HR offers franchisees access to all the tools and resources for them to deal with employment situations in their business, with the added extra benefit of having an HR Consultant on tap. 


HR Review (Audits)

HR Reviews should be conducted regularly to ensure that best HR practices are carried out. Through our HR Reviews, Franchisees and Franchisors will have the peace of mind that the business is operating on the right side of the law. 3 eyes is always better than one (Franchisee, Franchisor and HR expert)


Whether you are an established franchise in NZ or launching a new franchise into NZ markets, we have you covered. With in2HR on your side, you know that your brand will be protected.  

Get in touch with us TODAY about how we can help your franchise.