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Being an employer today is not easy. There are so many things that you need to know, not only to avoid a personal grievance but in avoiding penalties where minimum employment standards are not met.  The last couple of years has seen the government start clamping down on businesses to ensure that they are meeting their employer obligations, with Labour Inspectors out in the field conducting unannounced audits on businesses and following up on employee complaints that they receive.  Gone are the days that you can ‘fire’ people on the spot, even if it is justified.   Many typical businesses run by the ‘she’ll be right’ attitude, however without the right HR systems and framework in place, she may not be all right!

The below workshops will give you and your managers the confidence and the tools to navigate your way through employment situations, as well as ensuring that you understand your rights and obligations as an employer, so you stay on the right side of the law

What's the workshops about?

Morning Workshop

Introduction to Employer Obligations

In this 3hour workshop, we go through the life cycle of an employee and what your obligations are as an employer. The topics that we cover in this workshop includes:

  • Recruitment

In this module, we look at The Human Rights Act - What you can and can’t ask when advertising for staff. We also look at some of the proposed immigration changes that could affect the way employers recruit.

  • Employment terms

Once you have employed an employee, it is crucial that you offer your employee at least minimum employment terms. In this module, we discuss the employment terms that employers MUST know and understand under the Employment Relations Act and the Holidays Act. These include:

o   The different types of employment ie: Casual, part time, full time, fixed term contract

o   Hours of work clause: Fixed hours vs variable hours, Compensation for availability, shift cancellation compensation

o   Employee entitlements under The Holidays Act 2003: Annual leave, Sick leave, Bereavement leave, Parental leave

o   Public Holiday entitlements

  • Ending an employment relationship

In this module, we show you the various ways that an employment relationship can end. We also show you the BIGGEST mistake employers make every day, which result in unnecessary compensation costs.


Afternoon Workshop

Introduction to your Employer rights – Holding your employees accountable and responsible for doing their job.

Have you ever been frustrated with an employee who isn’t doing their job properly? You have repeatedly shown them and asked them to do something and they are still getting it wrong? Would you like to know how to successfully navigate through these types of problems?

The days of being able to fire someone on the spot are long gone. Employers who are still operating in such a way, will most likely find themselves paying the employee a large sum of money in compensation, or worse, having to re-employ them back into their business.

In this 3 hours workshop, we take you through your rights as an employer and show you how you can exit an employee in a way in which doesn’t end up costing you in large compensation pay outs.

 These include:

  • Performance Management processes
  • Disciplinary processes to deal with misconduct and serious misconduct situations ie: an employee has just stolen from me, should I just fire them? The answer would be NO.
  • Abandonment of employment – if an employee doesn’t turn up for work, this means that their employment is terminated? The answer would be NO

We look at case studies on what mistakes employers make every day and how to avoid making these mistakes for your business.

Upcoming Workshop

Date:          All our workshops are fully booked. Please keep an eye out for next course date. 

Time:           AM workshop - 9am-12.30pm            

                    PM workshop – 1pm – 4.30pm


Who should attend?

These workshops are designed for employers and managers who do not have a broad understanding of employment legislation. By the end of the workshops, you should have an overview of your employer obligations and your rights as an employer.


          Thai-Anh Cooper

         Thai-Anh Cooper

      Katherine Dowler

     Katherine Dowler


Thai-Anh Cooper and Katherine Dowler have both had 24+ years of HR and People Management experience between them. They have had extensive HR experience in Corporate, Franchising and Small Business environments to being a small business owner themselves.  “Being in HR, we are often told that we have the best work stories” Katherine states.  They have witnessed managers and employers land themselves in hot water, simply because they have not followed process. But understanding and knowing that ‘process’ is critical in today’s world as it forms part of the responsibilities of being an employer and a manager. “That is why we want to help Managers, Business owners and Franchisees get it right so that they don’t have to pay hefty fines and large payouts.” Thai-Anh.


Limited spaces available for each workshop. 

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$249 per person for each workshop or $399 per person for both workshops (AM and PM workshops)