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Running a business can be tough. Business owners have to wear many hats; from accounting to legal there's a lot to juggle at any one time. One area that can often be pushed down the priority list in the early stages of a business is your HR processes. Dealing with any oversights in your HR setup e.g. small mistakes in contracts, missing procedures or staffing issues can become a costly exercise down the track. 

This is where in2HR can help.

Through in2HR, franchisees and small and medium sized businesses gain access to the knowledge, support and skills required to tackle the complicated arena of HR. As HR Consultants we concentrate on the creation or refinement of your policies, procedures, culture and staff contracts to keep you on the right side of the law.

We give you peace of mind so you can focus on what is really important in your business.





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in2HR's client | McDonalds

"Being a new franchisee, it was great to have the support of HR experts like in2HR. We contacted in2HR to assist us with a number of tricky employment relations issues that we were facing. in2HR was able to resolve them quickly for us whilst preserving the brand. They were easy to deal with, explained the law in simple language and was always available whenever we needed the assistance.

- Pankaj Goel, McDonald's Franchises

"They were so professional, helpful and were able to point us in the right direction in a tight time frame. You know you can trust an organisation when the advice that they gave us was the best for our business despite this meaning less billable hours for them. in2HR had our best interest at heart throughout the whole process."

- Cheryl Comely, Practice Director

in2HR's client | Right Hand Man

"We needed to have our current employment contracts and processes reviewed and to a tight deadline. in2HR gave us great advice and they also helped us secure the right person that had the skills that the business was needing now and for the future."

- Richard Neunzerling, Director


"We are a growing IT organisation. HR is not our expertise. We would rather write code than write policies. Lucky for us, we found in2HR. Our consultant made it all simple and most importantly, affordable. in2HR was able to revamp our employment agreements and employment policies in line with the new employment legislation."

- Liam Mackie, Chief Technology Officer



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